Siemens / answers

More than 60 heroes in over 3 years. More than 60 touching, surprising, true stories about how technology can help to change people’s lives for the better. Told by renowned documentary filmmakers from around the world – in their own style, from their own perspective, and always from the hero’s point of view. That was /answers, the storytelling magazine powered by Siemens from 2011-2014.

Producer: Carmen Alzner

Participating filmmakers and writers were:
Joachim Puls, Germany – Oli Barry, USA – David Betteridge, UK – Thomas Bischof, Austria – Anton Califano, UK – Jörg Daiber, Germany – Barbara Eder, Austria – Jan Hinrik Drevs, Germany – Katie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la Vega, USA – Cyril Eberle, United Arab Emirates – Lixin Fan, China – Andy Isaacson, USA – Eline Jongsma & Kel O’Neill, USA – Dela Kienle, Netherlands – Roland May, Germany – Michelle Mediana, Morokko – Zac Murphy, USA – Lorien Kranen, USA – Mattias Olsson, Sweden – Juan Pablo Rios, Columbia – The Riahi Brothers, Austria – Sasie Sealy, USA – Lukas Schmidt & Tom Streuber, Germany – Hannes Schuler, Germany – Yoav Shamir, Israel – Vikram Sinha, India – Frode M. Skog, Norway – Brennan Stasiewicz, USA – Christian Stiefenhofer, Germany – Anna Telford & Felix Seuffert, South Africa – Hüseyin Tabak, Austria – Nastia Tarasova, Russia – Andreas Tölke, Germany – Christian Kurt Weisz, Austria – Tomas Wolski, Poland.